entrepreneurial revolution began at The Economist in 1968- inspired by the imminent success of the moon race- was there anything that optimal blending of human and computer webs could not do? whats strange is today we have no system design to put say 10000 bright young people on sustaining earth - the space race may have been taken over by big business but its goal was first achieved by organising open collaboration between 10000 people round one goal- much more important that ER is that it can be argued that the moon race inspired many peoples who hadn't even be linked in to electricity to develop the east - china came out from behind its great wall with help of inward investmnt from diaspora already 3rd richest; the poorest big 10 populated place bangladesh gained independence and empowered generation of girls to build community-rising economies and then there was ASEAN - a loving cooperation between 5 founding nations in every way that the EU has failed to begin to value


  • 8 years ago
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Monday, October 21, 2019

nov 2 thainland could be where the world leaders leap forward= alas poor chile- diary of so many key events towards end of 2019 not loking hopeful with current riots- with argentinas g20 a similar shambles - the question of how to jhelp the peopels of latin america seems to be an increasingly special issue - compared with wher 95% of peoples need to humanise artificial intelligence and trasform education so youth can work on sdgs?