History. ASEAN was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok by the five original member countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Brunei Darussalam joined on 8 January 1984, Vietnam on 28 July 1995, Laos and Myanmar on 23 July 1997 (oddone out?), and Cambodia on 30 April 1999.entrepreneurial revolution began at The Economist in 1968- inspired by the imminent success of the moon race- was there anything that optimal blending of human and computer webs could not do? whats strange is today we have no system design to put say 10000 bright young people on sustaining earth - the space race may have been taken over by big business but its goal was first achieved by organising open collaboration between 10000 people round one goal- much more important that ER is that it can be argued that the moon race inspired many peoples who hadn't even be linked in to electricity to develop the east - china came out from behind its great wall with help of inward investment from diaspora already 3rd richest; the poorest big 10 populated place bangladesh gained independence and empowered generation of girls to build community-rising economies and then there was ASEAN - a loving cooperation between 5 founding nations in every way that the EU has failed to begin to value


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Interview with founder of Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist http://erworld.tv http://normanmacrae.ning.com

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we'll be reporting from china nov 5 -11 - as blogs are hard there please look out here
once every 3 years world bank annual meetings are held abroad, fall 2018 sees indonesia celebrated by world bank - this from jim kim oct 2017-Over the next year leading up to the 2018 annual meetings in Indonesia, we'll be working with a wide range of experts in economics, global health, and education to develop the Human Capital Project.  We think this effort has the potential to be a game-changer

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East’s miracle dev story 4 empowering movements explain easy as benchmark for human development and sustainability last exponential call - transform to fit orbit by 2030 oe expect mother earth to treat human race as next dodo
1 china -belt road diary - where to debate youth sustainability with china
2 bangladesh
3 japan and china diaspora superports
4 asean map – note conmnections with coast map

notes wonderful book the asean miracle by kihore mahbubani and jeffery sng
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    1. Exclusive interview with Professor Kishore Mahbubani

      • 2 weeks ago
      After the many painful lessons we learnt from the warfare of the 20th century, the world started to realize the importance of a ..

p1 no other regional organization has done as much to improve conditions of broad swath of humanity 600mn  people seen remarkable progress in 50 year,s- peace prosperity to, troubled region, generated inter-civilisation harmony  ,most diverse corner of earth,, and ,brought hope to many ,people ,including china’s peaceful rise.. In world of negative voices,, asean positive narratives.. south east asia microcosm of our global condition ,-miracle delivered by asean

why is asean the most transparent host of china's belt and road literacy gift to the world- mapiing world trade routes so that communities with the elast are included is the most valuable real world initiative for youth as the sustainability generation but only when it is connected with digital world's back from the future; while we would recommend exploring china, you can start in singapore to see a superport at work and the richest per capita nation; singapore has achieved that for one small compat populace- the benchmark for all superports across asean; but how do you achieve that for the 10 biggest nations geographically- the answer is you have to free trade for landlocked peoples- see map for china's colaboration invitations to free peoples in nations neighbouring it geographically; china is quite happy to ask contients on the other side of the world to come and explore belt road literacies; they dont have to but just like balrige benchmarking of physical systems quality was inspired by seeing the east's system maps so is belt road mapping - but with the deadline twist that fail to do it now and there may never be a sustainability genration

phase 1 collab culture
founded 1967? Indonesia phillipines Malaysia singapore Thailand
original fear 67 to 75 as communism overran Indochina

however soon apparent communist world split in two – deep schisms Russia and china paralleled by vietnam, amd Cambodia fear receded
asean solidarity to Vietnams invasion of Cambodia led to deep sense of community among the 5 and Brunei when it joined 1984

phase 2 in 1990s after end of cold war
and disastrous impacts of asian financial crisis 97-98 on asean
key solidarity leaders lee kuan yew, mahathir, suharto at sam time asean changed with entry of Vietnam 95  laos 97 myanmar 97 cambodia 99

phase 3 early 21s c
afta free trade

charter formed 2007
belt road influenced summits- any leadership summit hosted by asean, brics, sco
occasional g20
any 3000 person ecoomerce training
tokyo olympics with ali baba and ba ki-moon as chief ethics officer

known diary 2018 - rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com to add evnts
aiib summit june mumbai
g20 franciscan summit argentina july
south african brics summit sept

various gateway and damocity.net events linked by 7 pioneer cities of human post industrial revolution

beltusasia.net invites stident unions and wizard big dta small technolgists to help study diaries for hosting 11 regional dialogies as well as combinations - the worldwide combination being hosted biannualty at beijings belt road summit next due may 2019

0 inside china
1a the economies owning the 15 of top 20 superports china korea japan singapore
1b rest asean and pacific including eg austrailia and NZ
2 india including china india bangladesh myanmar corridor
3 russia
4 east europe
5 west eorope
6 noth america
7 stabns and middle east including pakistan corridor
8 med sea and eurasian belt including china express railway across eurasia
9 africa
10 s america

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  2. Singapore PM Lee Visits China & China-India relations

    • 3 weeks ago
    All's quiet on the China-India border since the end of the Doklam dispute, and the two countries have set out to settle remaining ...

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    1. An investigative interview: Singapore 50 years after independence - 45th St. Gallen Symposium

      • 2 years ago
      Tharman Shanmugaratnam (SG), Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Finance of Singapore Topic Leader: Stephen Sackur (GB), ..
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  2. Former Singapore PM’s Chinese roots

    • 2 years ago
    The founding father of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, passed away Monday. Our experts talk about his legacy and what the .